How To Buy A Quality Quay Gantry Crane And Operate It Safely

Would you like to purchase one of the enormous Quay gantry cranes? These are becoming more in demand, especially in industries where large containers are lifted and moved. If you have been to a railroad yard, port, power station, or a shipyard dock, you have likely seen these behemoths lifting containers that are so small by comparison. You will have to choose one that is offered by a company that makes these on a consistent basis and can offer you a good deal. It’s also important to consider the safety aspects of using these enormous cranes that are so useful in these industries.

rail mounted quay gantry crane for sale
rail mounted quay gantry crane

How Does This Operate?

There are a couple different ways that these operate. Most of them are going to have rubber tires, whereas others will be maneuverable on parallel tracks. Depending upon the place where these will be located, they will have extremely large lifting capacities, and a span length that will make it easy to maneuver containers great distances. These are powered by hydraulic motors, as well as electric motors, and they use cable reels and sliding wire in order to move everything. There will be a trolley, one that will be supported in between the double girders, and they typically have a lifting speed of up to 30 m/m. All of this is controlled from a console at the top of the crane, although others could be designed in different ways. In order to maintain safety levels, you need to consider the construction of this enormous gantry crane.

How to Increase Safety Levels

Safety with these cranes requires you to keep your workers out from underneath the containers that are being moved. Likewise, they should be designed to be completely stable. Tip over, those on the top operating the cranes could fall a great distance. If you want the safest ones, you will have the controls at the base of the crane. This is likely what you will want to purchase. You will then want to provide your workers with training so that they will be able to stay safe and know what to do during emergencies.

heavy duty quay gantry crane for sale
heavy duty quay gantry crane

How to Obtain One of These Quay Gantry Cranes

Due to their enormous size, they must be shipped in components that will be placed together once they arrive at your facility. There will be multiple pieces that will need to be welded together, and at least one other crane must be used, usually with an extremely long boom, that can get everything into place. Once these are constructed, and they have been tested, they will increase your capacity to handle cargo coming onto your facility. It is recommended that you search for these in countries like China where they make these at a very inexpensive cost. Weihua heavy equipment group, a professional crane manufacturer and supplier, provides gantry cranes with favorable price.

If you need a Quay gantry crane, you can locate several of these for sale right now. The cost will be very similar, but there will always be one that will have a much lower price by comparison to other competitors. After it is set up, will know that you have purchased the right one based upon its calibration in size. These are very useful in the industries that have been mentioned helping your business grow and become more proficient.

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